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We’re proud to share the new GAA Manifesto – an affirmation of the GAA mission, vision & values to be proudly displayed wherever Gaelic games are played. Young and old, players and volunteers, supporters and administrators, coaches and referees, wherever we are, whatever our role, our GAA is where we all belong. We’re celebrating all the people who make our GAA what it is and what our GAA means to us all. #GAABelong (Facebook link)


Team photo 2019 Germany

Chris Hennessy & Sebastian Rießbeck German Cups 2019

What a weekend?! Fantastic craic was had at the weekend in Hamburg with Clubs from all over Germany traveling to compete in the annual Hurling (Chris Hennessy) and Camogie (Sebastian Rießbeck) German Cups.

The sun even came out for some fabulous Camogie Games with players from Berlin GAA Setanta Berlin GAA Darmstadt GAA Dresden Hurling While the Hamburg GAA Camogs came out victorious in the end, some great skills were displayed especially by up and coming camogie players, as well as the player of the tournament, Hamburg’s own Svenja Bahn!

The hurlers battled it out to the end with Dresden Hurling winning the Darmstadt v. Dresden Cup and the Hamburg GAA A Team winning the tournament against a strong Dresden Hurling Team, with Dresden’s John O’Donnell displaying some skillful hurling as the Hurling Player of the Tournament award. Great displays of hurling from Berlin GA Cologne Celtics GAA Darmstadt GAA Dresden Hurling Setanta Berlin GAA Hamburg GAA

An important and fitting message given the history of the cups, was also delivered on the day by the GAA ’s Stacey Cahill who gave all attendees an insight into the importance of health, wellbeing and mental fitness when it comes to playing our sports. Looking forward to the follow up seminar later in the year!

A massive thank you to all of the Hamburg GAA helpers, supporters, family and friends, that created a fantastic atmosphere on the day and kept the show going. Your help is exactly what this club is all about! Hamburg abú

Team photo 2019 Germany

Lillehammerdorf team photo

Benelux Regional Championships 2019

A great day out in Den Haag, competing in Round 1 of the Benelux Regional Championships. With the hard-tackling Hamburgers, the die-hard Düsseldorfers and the finesse of the French lads from Lille GAA, we lost out in the Shield Final to hosts Den Haag GAA. Some traditional cigars topped off an A1 day. Congratulations to ladies’ cup winners Holland Ladies GAA, men’s cup winners Luxembourg GAA and shield winners Den Haag.

Lillehammerdorf abú! Big ball abú!

Lillehammerdorf team photo

Hamburg GAA at Cultec European Championship 2018 Round1

Cultec European Championship Round 1

Heart. Hunger. Hurleys. 28 Hamburg GAA members made the 500km trek to compete in the first round of the Cultec European Hurling and Camogie Championships in sunny Dresden at the weekend.

It was a huge day for our young international club, with all three of our teams showing fight, intensity and togetherness to reach each of the finals!

Our camogie team continued on from last year to make the final once more, with Belgium GAA emerging victorious from a spirited and pulsating encounter.

Our hurlers burst out of the blocks to make it to the Cup final, claiming a second place spot overall after giving it everything against worthy winners, Luxembourg GAA. And our Hamburg Rovers joined forces with The Earls of Leuven G.A.A club to reach the final of the hurling shield, losing out to Vienna Gaels GAA by the narrowest of margins.

The progress at the club was clear to see from each team’s performances throughout the day. We’ll keep training and fighting. And we’ll go again.

Congratulations to all the winners and, of course, to the hosts Dresden Hurling on pulling off another brilliant event!

Hamburg GAA at Cultec European Championship 2018 Round1The bar has been set.

Hamburg abú!

Cúltec Hurls

A Day At Training - Youth GAA

Hamburg Grashoppers and Reynolds Hurling proudly present – “A day at training”

Let our Hamburg Grasshoppers team take you through a session and show you what this German youth GAA team is all about!

A big thanks to our kids partner Reynolds Hurling – – and to those who donated at our Halloween party to make this all possible!

2018 German Hurling & Camogie Champions!

We did it! A proud day for us all yesterday, with Hamburg’s Camogie players and hurlers doing the German Cup double, bringing home the Sebastian Rießbeck and Chris Hennessy Cups.

The fight, togetherness and leadership made the 30-strong group from HH a force that wouldn’t be beaten, and lifted Hamburg’s own Padraic McCannon to the award of Player of the Chris Hennessy Cup. And sure the craic was 90 afterwards!


A bualadh bos and thank you to Frankfurt Sarsfields GAA and Darmstadt GAA for their work in hosting a great day. And to the German GAA / Deutscher Bund Gälischer Sportarten for supporting GAA in Germany, to give us days to remember and to help us to remember those in whose names the cups are played.

And finally, a proper thank you to all members, to our sponsors – The Irish Rover, Hamburg, MAAS Aviation, EpiSensor and esn – and to our friends for your continued support, which make our club a great place to be.

Ní neart go cur le chéile (Einigkeit macht stark).

Hamburg abú!

First Aid Training


Usually if we’re in a pub this early on a Saturday morning it’s because we still haven’t left  However this time was different as Sven Bartens from eins eins drei took members of Hamburg GAA through their paces in a day of first aid training.

If your team has been thinking of learning first aid (you should), we highly recommend Sven who offers training in English and German. You never know what kind of injuries are going to happen in a match and it’s better to have as many as possible able to recognise and handle them appropriately.

Thanks to Andy at The Irish Rover, Hamburg for daring to let a GAA team in at 9am.

Honourable mention to Sven’s assistant Bob who endured more than any training dummy should have to.

Kids and Youth Coaching Course in Munich

Hamburg GAA’s cornerstone of the full-back line, Children’s Officer, and chief motivator, Arnold Morascher, recently attended a kids and youth coaching course in Munich organised by the German GAA / Deutscher Bund Gälischer Sportarten.

Arnold was joined by over a dozen other coaches from the likes of Rómhánaigh Augsburg Óg, Setanta Berlin GAA and Munich Colmcilles GAA. O’Reilly (ó Uíbh Fhailí) took them through what it takes, combining theory with practical games, drills and coaching approaches.

WhatsApp Image 2017-11-12 at 14.54.32

“Liam was very good at keeping us not only busy and involved, but also in giving us the opportunities to bring in our own ideas and there was plenty of space for discussion and craic.”

We can’t wait to see Arnold put his new skills to use when he begins our upcoming school coaching sessions and we are even more excited at the prospect of a youth tournament in the future!

A big thanks to all involved for making this possible!

Cúltec Hurling & Camogie Championship

Saturday the 30th October 2017 was a big day for Hamburg GAA at the finals of the Cúltec Hurls European Hurling & Camogie Championship hosted by Dresden Hurling. Having recorded their first-ever European match victory, our camogie team steam-rolled their way to the final, where they fought tooth and nail against tournament and 2017 Championship winners, Belgium GAA. Our hurlers picked up the (first-ever) European Shield Championship 2017, having worked and fought consistently all season. And to put the cherry on the bit of apple crumble, our skills trainer, talisman, and first and foremost, proud Cork man, Fearghal de Barra, won another MVP for the Shield competition on the day. A day to remember for our international group.

A huge thank you to Dresden Hurling for a perfectly organised tournament and after-party, where songs were sung with Rómhánaigh Augsburg Óg GAA e.V. and Gaelic Sports in Berlin, and some boogie woogie and high-kicking competitions were done with Belgium GAA and Darmstadt GAA. A special thanks to Stephen from Munich Colmcilles GAA, who solidified our hurlers’ defence, and Alisa from Darmstadt GAA, who fought hard and slotted in perfectly to our camogie team.

We appreciate the support we continue to receive from our sponsors, The Irish Rover, Hamburg, MAAS Aviation, and EpiSensor, to allow us to have days like yesterday. We’ll be ploughing on through the autumn and winter, to come back stronger next season.

Hamburg abú!

Well loved sliotar in the grass

The Clash of the Ash

Posted on behalf of Micheál Ó Muireagáin

The only thing I regret about the great progress the camogs and hurlers of our GAA club has made since its establishment in 2015 is that I’m not 30 or 40 years younger and therefore can’t be out there with them as they wield the camán with great distinction the length and breadth of Europe in search of honours on behalf our adopted city.

The modest, but well-appointed soccer facilities at Steinweisenweg, Eidelstedt which hosted the second round of the European championships held on 17th June,while a far cry from Semple Stadium, the Gaelic Grounds in Limerick, Páirc Uí Chaoimh or of course the one and only Croke Park, was the venue for this truely special occasion. The unique sense of rivalry, intensity, community, and good nature which prevailed that day was something that only our ancient game could generate. This was Gaelic Ireland at its best, presenting our national sporting treasure on an international stage in a wonderful spirit of openness, friendship and solidarity.

As I returned home alone that evening, my mind lubricated by a few tasty pints of the “black stuff”, was swamped by a thousand thoughts. Somehow I kept coming back to a terrific book I had read a long time ago as a schoolboy. “The Clash of the Ash”, by Raymond Smith. This enchanting history of hurling from its earliest days up until 1972, it was as far as we had got at that stage, painted a marvellous picture of the communities, teams and players who had made hurling the magical sporting art that it remains today

By means of an enthralling series of recollections, anecdotes, songs and poems, the reader was treated to the feats of our hurling titans: the Mackeys of Ahane, Christy Ring and Glen Rovers, Dungourney’s favourite son Jamesy Kelleher featured promently, Lory Meagher of black and amber fame, the Rackards from Slaneyside, the Premier county too was well to the fore. Indeed all that delirium of Cúchulainn-like warriors. In my opinion, no publication has succeeded so effectively in portraying so vividly the unique romance and passion associated with the game.

One poem from the book remains fixed in my memory. It tells the story of a goalkeeper from Clare; Tommy Daly who also found glory with Dublin, winning four All Ireland medals with the sky-blues.

The poem may not please the literary purists, but I believe it encompasses that sense of identity, commitment and gallantry which only the GAA and hurling can conjure up.

It was penned by the redoubtable Kerry bard Bryan Mac Mahon. What would a Kerryman know about hurling, some might venture? Those who know better will point out that Kerry had claimed All Ireland laurels in 1891(the Liam McCarthy didn’t arrive until 1923), long before some of the more celebrated hurling counties were out of the traps!

It goes as follows:

Lament for Tommy Daly

On the wind’swept Hill of Tulla,
Where the Claremen place their dead,
Four solemn yews stand sentinel
Above a hurler’s head,
And from the broken north lands
From Burren bleak and bare,
The dirge of Thomas Daly
Goes surging on through Clare.

No more shall limewhite goalposts
Soar tapering and tall
Above the greatest goalman
That ever clutched a ball.
Nor yet he’ll rouse the echoes
Of ash in native air,
Nor heed the throbbing thousands
Tense with pride of Clare.

But wherever Clare does battle
And whoever guards the goal,
Whene’er the citadel is saved
The proud, the noble soul
Of sterling Thomas Daly
They shall recall and say
“God rest you Thomas Daly
On your wind’swept hill to-day”.

To think that never once again
He’ll don with lightsome air
The claret-gold of Tulla
Nor the blue and gold of Clare.
-Perhaps they’ll pray when feasts are high
And healed the wounds of fight,
“God rest you Thomas Daly
On your wind’swept hill to-night”.

The years shall silver temples
Of hurlers young and free
Till blows the long, long whistle
Of the eternal referee,
Then up the hillside lonely
They’re borne with funeral tread,
To the wind’swept Hill of Tulla
Where the Claremen place their dead.

Beyond this place of toil and tears
Beyond this plain of woe,
There is a bourne in Paradise
Where all the hurlers go,
And there in prime they’re goaling
And race across the sod
And thrill our dead forefathers
On the level lawns of God.

On the wind’swept Hill of Tulla
Within whose breast so deep
With dreams of Resurrection Morn
A thousand hurlers sleep,
And with them Thomas Daly
Four yews above his head
On the wind’swept Hill of Tulla
Where the Claremen place their dead.

Some years later I made the pilrimage to Tulla. The final resting place of one of the Banner’s most revered sons proved elusive. The hill is indeed “windswept” as the poem relates, but with the help of some friendly advice at a local hostelry, I found his grave.

“The Clash of the Ash” is long out of print. A recent cursory look in Amazon revealed a second-hand copy on offer at €140. My tattered version bears the then price of 60p, but it’s not for sale.

Raymond Smith’s masterpiece concluded in 1972. Thankfully, since then the history of hurling has continued to unfurl, in doing so enriching our lives with new heroes, great games and outstanding entertainment.

Today, the ash still clashes, but further afield than any of the GAA’s visionary founders could ever has imagined when they gathered in that Thurles hotel in 1884; in Amsterdam, Berlin, Brussels, Zurich and beyond, and thankfully, in Hamburg.

Long may it continue!